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Lenze is a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, variable frequency drives, motion control, frequency inverters, servo drives, servo motors, gearboxes, and automation technology. As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, Lenze offers drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services, and tools from a single source.

Lenze AC Tech

Lenze AC Tech variable frequency inverters, manufactured in the USA, are used for three phase induction motor speed control. These drives are reliable, flexible to retro-fit, easy to program, and meet the highest standards of quality. Lenze AC Tech provide drives in the power range between 1/3 to 60 HP. Lenze acquired the US drive technology manufacturer AC Tech in 1999.

Delta Computer Systems

Delta’s array of multi axis controllers has the speed, power and flexibility to tackle the toughest jobs and the low cost options to equip the smallest jobs.
With Delta’s powerful controller options, you can control your Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric motion with precision in one controller.
Delta’s software for programming and tuning its controllers is second to none.
Delta’s ability to communicate over many popular communication protocols allows ease of integration into your existing automation system.


With Temposonics’s powerful sensing options, you can rest assured that we have the right solution for your needs. Temposonics has highly accurate position monitoring for your hydraulic, pneumatic and linear motion.


WAGO is the world leader in electrical interconnect and automation solutions.
WAGO’s PLC and HMI options will fit your application with ease. With the industry standard CODESYS 3 integrated programming environment built in WAGO will make your programming flow fit your needs.
WAGO offers a wide gamut of I/O for a solution to your automation problems.
Remote I/O options easily and affordably integrate into your existing PLC preferred family.
WAGO is the leader and creator of the preferred Cage Clamp Technology for wire termination.

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