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Robbins & Bohr provides many fan lines to meet your specific needs.

We offer high quality custom, semi-custom, and standard fans ranging from heavy duty industrial process fans to OEM fans to a comprehensive line of commercial supply and exhaust fans for the HVAC plan and spec market.

Our vendors have the most sophisticated research and development testing laboratories in the industry, and the collective experience to tackle the most technically complex testing requirements for demanding environments.

Product offering includes Centrifugal Fans, Axial Fans, Blowers, Propeller Fans, Ventilators, Exhaust Fans, Plenum Fans, Pressure Blowers, Radial Blade Fans, Backward Inclined Fans, Backward Curved Fans, Material Handling Fans, and Mancoolers.

Product Lines: Twin City Fan & Blower, AirPro Fan & Blower Company


Schust Engineering has gained industry experience in the dust collection and air pollution control arena by having served industry successfully during a ninety-year period.  With a distinct focus on customer satisfaction and committed industry professionals, Schust provides the best pulse-jet original equipment dust collectors in the industry.  A strong feature of the Schust commitment to customers is Schust’s ability to fabricate, test, assemble, and install the dust collectors onsite using Schust’s fully trained fabrication crew.  Schust offers extensive industry-leading technical expertise in air handling and high quality custom and standard solutions for any environment requiring capture or control of particulates. Schust will design and construct air control systems and guarantee performance levels.

We offer extensive industry leading technical expertise in air handling. We can provide high quality custom, semi-custom, and standard solutions for any environment which needs capture or control of particulates. Our solutions are for a variety of production processes. We can also enhance work environments across numerous industries. We offer the unique ability to customize air handling solutions for applications in a wide variety of industries. We partner with the best manufacturers and provide services to spec out, design, and construct air control systems. We can guarantee performance levels for the systems we provide. If you need reliable air control systems take a look at what we offer, you will not be disappointed.

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